Car Hire & Repairs

Broken Windshield

Car Repairs

Every day, there are hundreds of repairs being completed on cars across the country. Below are the top 10 repairs:

  1. Oil/oil filter changed
  2. Wiper blades replacement
  3. Windscreen replacement
  4. Replace air filter
  5. Scheduled maintenance
  6. New tires
  7. Battery replacement
  8. Brake work
  9. Engine tune-up
  10. Wheels aligned/balanced

It is important that you deal with your repairs as soon as possible to keep your cars safe, dependable and on the road for even longer.

Hire a Car Anywhere in the World

Company anywhere in the world, and around large cities, you have a choice of many suppliers. This is a convenient way to travel while you are in a strange place and stay within budget while you are there. Hiring taxis and going by rail are okay for a few trips, but having a vehicle of your own is so much better when you have many places to visit.

Be sure to ask all the right questions when you reserve a car from a car hire company because every country has their own standards. If you are trying to conserve money, you probably want to reserve a motor car that is compact but large enough to carry your necessary luggage and travelling companions, but that’s all.

It is always a good idea to ask what kind of car you are reserving, if that information is available at the time you make your reservation. If you don’t smoke, always ask for a smoke free motor car. If you are flying into the city, make sure that the car hire company is located in or near the air terminal, or if you are riding the rails, get a supplier near the depot.

Car Hire

Major Car Hire Companies

If you are travelling abroad, you will find most of the major car hire companies have locations near airports and train terminals in the cities where you will be visiting. Avis, Budget, Hertz, and National are in most locations, along with many other rental car company names that you will recognise. They may not be the major suppliers at an overseas location, and it is always good to check prices between all the available car hire companies.

Vehicle Excess Insurance

When you hire a car, the rental company has insurance to cover the vehicle in case something happens while you have it in your possession. This does not alleviate you from responsibility when an accident occurs because there is a deductible amount on all insurance coverage. Many people find out the hard way that they do incur costs when there is a mishap with rental cars. Vehicle excess insurance covers any expenses that the insurance carrier for the car does not.

Deductible amounts may be as much as £1000 under some policies, and costs for wreckers and other expenses that stem from a car wreck may not be covered. In some cases, the liability of who was responsible for the accident has little to do with who must pay for the damages. With vehicle excess insurance, you won’t have to worry with unforeseen costs that will put a damper on your visit or vacation.

Rates will vary for this coverage, but in most places the amount is very reasonable and can be purchased at the time the car is picked up. The small fee is much better to spend to forego the worry about the many circumstances that might happen in an unknown place.

Airport Car Rental and Driving Abroad

Although it is usually a simple matter to find car rentals at any international airport anywhere in the world, it is not always as simple as picking up the vehicle and going on your way. Different laws regulate what requirements you must meet in every country you plan to drive in.

Many countries require the person driving the vehicle to get a license for the country they are in, and both the home and visitor license must be in the possession of the driver when operating a vehicle. These licenses might require passing a test to make sure that the driver understands street signs well enough to obey traffic laws. Obtaining an airport car rental and driving abroad can present a challenge because of language, car speed limits, and driving conditions.